Computer Centre, Rajiv Gandhi University, has been successfully fulfilling its objectives in spite of lack of resources since its inception in the year 2004. Presently, Computer Centre is housed at multiple locations i.e. at University Library and the Academic Block. Initiatives have already been taken for construction of the Central Computing Facility wherein Computer Centre will also be located.


Milestones Achieved:


The year 2011-2012 was an important year in which many schemes and projects were either initiated or completed successfully. A brief account of them is as follows.


National Mission on Education through Information and communication technology (NMEICT) project: 5-29/2007-DL GOVERNMENT OF INDIA A mission taken up by MHRD, Govt. of India, New Delhi to accelerate the slow rate of growth in the number of educational institutions. It was pin pointed that one cannot hope to quickly make a dent on the baseline educational status of the population unless and until the conventional approach is aided and supported by the technological interventions through ICT so as to make available the knowledge resources to every learner as per his/her convenience and just in time. Rajiv Gandhi University has been fortunate to be one of the member institutes to this mission and project in Phase-I itself. At Rajiv Gandhi University, in this regard, steps are being taken to strengthen the IT infrastructure first as this would be paving way for the successful completion of the mission.

A Help Desk – “Computer Maintenance Facility”, in the Computer Centre has been st up to troubleshoot the problems brought in by the members of the University community in connection with IT and computers. The Centre has been striving constantly for making the facility available throughout and also offering possible assistance in conducting research, analyzing their data etc.

The centre has taken up steps for setting up of a Network Academy in the campus as skill enhancement program which would equip students with applied technology of the industry standards. It is possible for the students to opt for these courses simultaneously with their main course. The academy would facilitate as finishing schools for many of the technical courses.

Design and development of the software modules (Intranet) for use by various departments is accomplished successfully and its maintenance is done by the Computer Centre.

Establishing, coordinating, maintaining and administering Campus Wide Network including internet and allied services are performed at Computer Centre.

As part of the e-governance initiatives planning and designing of the University Management Solution (UMS) was laid which would be implemented very soon. Computer Centre has constantly been updating the technologies for use by the university. Ever since its interception more and more IT enabled services are being introduced in the university.