Supervisor : Mrs. Oshot Dai Kaye
Year of Establishment : 2008

The Day Care Centre at Rajiv Gandhi University was established under the UGC scheme for providing child care centres in the universities and college during the X Plan period. The centre is managed by the Management Committee constituted by the university authority under nodal supervision of UGC & Project Cell of the university. The main objective of the centre or scheme is to provide day care facilities to the children of age group of three months to six years of the working parents, students and visiting guest of the university. The facility is also extended to the child of research scholars and local community working parents in the vicinity of the university.

Number of children Admitted in 2017-18: 12-18

Monthly Fee Structure:
The fee structure per child per month is fixed by the Management Committee of the centre duly approved by the University authority as follows:

1.  Group – A Employees:
a.  Single working parent : Rs. 450/-
b.  Both working parents : Rs. 500/-

2.  Other Non-Teaching, Research Associates (Research Scholars and Students):
a.  Single working parent : Rs. 400/-
b.  Both working parents : Rs. 450/-

3. Neighborhood working parents in the vicinity of 5km of the University subject to the availability of seat: Rs. 600/-

4.  Casual employee of the University (at the most 10% seat) : Rs. 150/-

5.  Single day Temporary (charge per day per child for the visiting /campus dwellers or any category other than 1 to 4 listed above.) : Rs. 50/-

Requirement for Admission in the Centre:
1.  Birth certificate of the child/children.
2.  Medical fitness certificate.
3.  Salary statement of the parent.
4.  Two copies of passport size photos.

Infrastructural facilities:
The Day Care Centre is running with a number of equipments and play toys that have been procured during the previous year. During the reference period a computer table with six chairs were provided by the University administration for the supervisor’s office. At present the centre is equipped with all necessary infrastructures and play toys for cognitive and physical development of the children.

Management Committee:
The management of the day care centre is vested upon the committee constituted by the University authority with the members from parents, faculty members and university administrative officers.

Timings of the Centre :

Sl. No.



1 Arrival of Aya’s 8.30 am
2 Arrival and receiving of the children 9.00 am
3 Distribution of Fruits 10.30 am
4 Lunch 12.00 noon
5 Sleeping 1.00 pm – 3.00 pm
6 Distribution of milk and biscuits 3.30 pm
7 Disperse Up to 5.00 pm