Established in 2011 under the UGC XIth Plan, the cell provides and extends support to the students in the development of soft skills and communication ability to challenge the rigors of competitive tests and on-job-training in add-on or vocational courses. The cell is in collaborations with SEBI and NSEIL, Kolkata.

Along with Jhuming as major occupation, they practice the hunting, fishing, collection of major and minor forest items like wild vegetables, fruits, nuts, medicinal herbs, honey, materials for ritual performance and construction of their traditional houses, fence, rope ways and bridges, hunting and fishing equipments, etc.

i.      To act as a foundation for promoting and popularization of improved technologies in some of the activities where women are engaged for earning of their livelihood.
ii.     To serve as a platform for technological information pool, documentation and highlight of issues related to women’s technological needs.
iii.    To upgrade indigenous knowledge/technology prevalent in the state.

WTP is making an attempt to revive and popularize following indigenous knowledge systems through the intervention of science and technology.

Mushroom Cultivation

Sericulture And Modified Loin Loom

Cultivation Of Wild Vegetables Of A.P.

Bio and Vermi Composting

Seasonal Vegetables

Other items grown in the WTP

i.      Give training on vocational training to SSA mission in the state.
ii.     WTP is one of the centers of attraction to many outsiders who visit the University.
iii.    It also acts as a source of research for many of the students of Department Life Science of the University.