In accordance with the provisions under clause 22(1) and statute 10 (amended) of the Rajiv Gandhi University Act, 2006, the second court of the university is hereby constituted for a period of 3 ( three) years with immediate effect.

Members of Second Court of the University :

Name Details

Chairman (Ex-Officio)

Chancellor (Not yet appointed)
Members (Ex-Officio) Vice- Chancellor, Rajiv Gandhi University (Chairman (Ex-Officio))
Pro-Vice Chancellor, Rajiv Gandhi University
Dean, Faculty of Education, RGU
Dean, Faculty of Commerce & Management, RGU
Dean, Faculty of Life Science, RGU
Dean, Faculty of Languages, RGU
Dean, Faculty of Social Science, RGU
Dean, Faculty of Enviromental Science, RGU
Dean, Faculty of Basic Sciences, RGU
Dean, Faculty of Information Technology and Engineering, RGU
Members All Professors, RGU other than Deans
Dean, Student’s Welfare, RGU
Director, Arunachal Institute of Tribal Studies (AITS), RGU
Director, Institute of Distance Education (IDE), RGU
Head, Dept. of Anthropology, RGU
Head, Dept. of Chemistry, RGU
Head, Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering, RGU
Head, Dept. of English, RGU
Head, Dept. of Hindi, RGU
Head, Dept. of Mass Communication, RGU
Head, Dept. of Physical Education, RGU
Head, Dept. of Physics, RGU
Head, Dept. of Political Science, RGU
Head, Dept. of Sociology, RGU
Head, Dept. of Management, RGU
Head, Dept. of ECE, RGU
Head, Dept. of Social Work, RGU
Head, Dept. of NSS, RGU
All Associate Professors, RGU
Registrar, Rajiv Gandhi University
Finance Officer, Rajiv Gandhi University
Controller of Examinations, Rajiv Gandhi University
Librarian, Rajiv Gandhi University
Proctor, Rajiv Gandhi University
Members (Vice Chancellor’s Nominee) Prof. E. Bijay Kumar Singh, Department of Economics, Manipur University, Manipur
Prof. Buno Liegise, Department of Education, Nagaland University,
Members (Two Associate Professors who are not Head of the Departments (by rotation on the basis of seniority)) Dr. Bipan Hazarika, Dept. of Mathematics, RGU
Dr. P. K. Acharya, Dept. of Education, RGU
Members (Three Principals of Affiliated Colleges by rotation) Principal, Government College, Bomdila, Arunachal Pradesh
Principal, Wangcha Rajkumar Government College, Deomali, Arunachal Pradesh
Principal, Donyi Polo Government College, Kamki, Arunachal Pradesh
Members (One MP each from Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha) Shri, Gaurav Gogai, MP Assam
Not yet received.
Members (Three MLA nominated by the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Arunachal Pradesh) Shri, Mutchu Mithi, MLA (43 – Roing)
Shri. Wangki Lowang, MLA (53 – Namsang)
Shri. Bamang Felix, MLA (19 – Nyapin)
Members (Visitor’s Nominee) Dr. Arabindo Mahato, Coordinator, Department of Rural Studies, Tripura University, Tripura
Prof. Niti Jain, Department of Economics, Indira Gandhi National Tribal University Amarkantak, Madhya Pradesh
Dr. Om Prakash Singh (Retd.), Associate Professor & HoD
Department of Defence Studies, Attara PG College, Attara, Jhansi
Ms. Arunima Sinha, Padmashree Awardee
Members President, Rajiv Gandhi University Teachers Association
President, Rajiv Gandhi University Employees Association
President, Rajiv Gandhi University Students Union