As per provisions under section 23 (1 & 2) and Statute (11) and (12) of the Rajiv Gandhi University Act, 2006 (Amended), the 4th Executive Council of the University is hereby constituted with the following members for a term of 3 (three) years with immediate effect.

Members of Executive Council :

Name Details

Chairman (Ex-Officio)

Vice-Chancellor, Rajiv Gandhi University
Members Pro Vice-Chancellor, Rajiv Gandhi University
Members (Two Deans of Faculty (by rotation)) Prof. Tasi Kaye, Dean, Faculty of Commerce and Management, RGU
Prof. H. K. Sharma, Dean, Faculty of Languages, RGU
Members (Two Professors (Other than Deans by rotation)) Prof. S. K. Nayak, Dept. of Economics, RGU
Prof. Tomo Riba, Dept. of Geography, RGU
Members (Two Associate Professors (by rotation)) Dr. S. S. Singh, Dept. of Hindi, RGU
Dr. Rajesh Chakrabarty, Dept. of Chemistry, RGU
Members (Two members of the Court nominated by the Visitor) Prof. Niti Jain, Dept. of Economics, Indira Gandhi National Tribal University, Amarkantak, Madhya Pradesh
Ms. Arunima Sinha, Padmashree Awardee
Members (Five Persons Nominated by the Visitor) Dr. B. C. Das Purakayastha, Principal (Retd.), Pandu College, Guwahati, Assam
Dr. A. K. Pandey, Dean, College of Horiculture & Forestry, Central Agriculture University, Pashighat, Arunachal Pradesh
Dr. Amiya Rajbongshi, Vice-Principal (Retd.), North Lakhimpur College, Assam
Dr. Sudha Singh, Former Professor & Head, POst Graduate Department of Philosophy, Patna University, Bihar
Prof. Ganga Prasad Prasain, Professor, Department of Commerce, Manipur University, Manipur
Members (One representative from MHRD) Yet to be received from MHRD
Secretary (Ex-Officio) The Registrar, RGU

Minutes of the Executive Council Meeting (Year-Wise) :