In-Charge: Mr. Tsering Megeji

VSAT Facility, established in the year 2000, has been extending its services to the university with constant upgradation of its services since its interception. Internet access facility which is an essential service to the university is being monitored and maintained by the V-SAT facility. It also provides basic troubleshooting support to all the departments and other campus buildings, including administrative buildings, academic buildings, university library, hostels, guest house, and auditorium. All the IT resources and content should be available to the faculty, staff and students from their desk as well as anywhere-anytime basis over the campus. To achieve the same, V-SAT facility maintains Campus Wide LAN of the university, which acts as main facilitator of all the IT enabled services, in a safe and productive manner with simultaneously upgrading it. It is very helpful for the university to work from any block/building and receive the same speed of data transfer.


Milestones Achieved :

The National Knowledge Network (NKN) is a state-of-the-art Multi-Gigabit Pan-India network for providing a unified high speed network backbone for all knowledge related institutions in the country. The purpose of such a knowledge network goes to the very core of the country’s quest for building quality institutes with requisite research facilities and creating a pool of highly trained professionals. The NKN will enable scientists, researchers and students from different backgrounds and diverse geographies to work closely for advancing human development in critical and emerging areas. Rajiv Gandhi University, being one of the member institutes, has laid down the timeline for the commissioning of the NKN 1gbps link. University would then be actively participating in the areas of content generation and resource sharing from its pool. This would enable the university to showcase the knowledge base available with the university.

Campus-wide Local Area Network (CLAN) of the university which is the core infrastructure in enabling sharing of resources and flow of information within and outside the university has been constantly expanding.

VSAT Facility also provides internet connectivity through a 2mbps leased line link and 1mbps DAMA VSAT link from ERNET India, New Delhi. Both the links supplement each other in case of the failure of one thereby rendering 24/7 internet access to the university community. 1gbps connectivity under NKN has already been extended to the university by National Informatics Centre (NIC), Itanagar using the leased line circuit from BSNL. The link is currently being tested and would commission very soon.

The core components of the Campus wide LAN has been upgraded at core and distribution levels. Security measures have also been taken into consideration and correspondingly, then they have been strengthened at external and internal gateway levels. Enhancements were also done at some of the edge locations.

Number of e-resources particularly e-journals are being inducted for use of the university from time to time. Being the number of consortium like DeLCON, INFLIBNET, the university has got privileges to access several globally renowned e-journals. VSAT Facility would very soon be introducing mail and messaging services as a part of the e-governance initiative, creating wireless hotspots, application repository and various other intranet services.