In accordance with the provisions under Section 24(1) and (2) of the Rajiv Gandhi University Act, 2006, the Fourth Academic Council of the university is hereby constituted for a period of 3 (three) years with immediate effect.

Members of Academic Council :

Name Details

Chairman (Ex-Officio)

Vice-Chancellor, Rajiv Gandhi University
Member (Ex-Officio) Pro-Vice Chancellor, Rajiv Gandhi University
Dean, Faculty of Education, RGU
Dean, Faculty of Language, RGU
Dean, Faculty of Social Science, RGU
Dean, Faculty of Life  Science, RGU
Dean, Faculty of Environmental Sciences, RGU
Dean, Faculty of Commerce & Management, RGU
Dean, Faculty of Basic Science, RGU
Dean, Faculty of Engineering & Information Technology, RGU
Members Director, Arunachal Institute of Tribal Studies (AITS), RGU
Head, Dept. of Anthropology, RGU
Head, Dept. of Botany, RGU
Head, Dept. of Commerce, RGU;
Head, Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering, RGU
Head, Dept. of Economics, RGU
Head, Dept. of Education, RGU
Head, Dept. of English, RGU
Head, Dept. of Geography, RGU
Head, Dept. of Hindi, RGU
Head, Dept. of History, RGU
Head, Dept. of Management, RGU
Head, Dept. of Mass Communication, RGU
Head, Dept. of Mathematics, RGU
Head, Dept. of Physics, RGU
Head, Dept. of Chemistry, RGU
Head, Dept. of Sociology, RGU
Head, Dept. of Political Science, RGU
Head, Dept. of Zoology, RGU
Head, Dept. of Electronics & Communication, RGU
Head, Dept. of Physical Education, RGU
Head, Dept. of Social Work, RGU
Head, Dept. of NSS, RGU
Director, Institute of Distance Education (IDE), RGU
Members (Four Professors (Other than Deans)) Prof. S. N. Singh, Dept. of History, RGU
Prof. P. K. Acharya, Dept. of Education, RGU
Prof. N. Bath, Dept. of Political Science, RGU
Prof. T. Lhungdim, Dept. of Education, RGU
Members (Two Associate Professors (by rotation)) Dr. S. S. Singh, Dept. of Hindi, RGU
Dr. Rajesh Chakrabarty, Dept. of Chemistry, RGU
Members (Two Assistant Professors (by rotation)) Dr. Tabang Mibang, Dept. of Political Science, RGU
Dr. Moji Riba, Dept. of Mass Communication, RGU
Members (Two Principals of Affiliated colleges) Dr. Milorai Modi, PRincipal, Jawaharlal Nehru College, Pashighat
Mr. S. Khandu, Principal, Bomdila Govt. College
Members (Four persons of Academic Eminence) Prof. Anwar Hussain, Department of Electronics and Communication, NERIST, Nirjuli
Prof. Amarjyoti Choudhury, C. V. Raman Chair, Professor of Applied Sciences and Technology (USTM), Meghalaya
Prof. P. K. Kuri, Department of Economics, University Burdwan, West Bengal
Prof. S. M. Sungoh, Department of Education, North Eastern Hill University, Meghalaya
Secretary (Ex-Officio) The Registrar, RGU

Minutes of the Academic Council Meeting (Year-Wise) :