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The Department of Entomology was established in the year 2022 as one of the foremost professional course departments of Rajiv Gandhi University, Rono Hills, Doimukh, Arunachal Pradesh under the Faculty of Agriculture Sciences. The department offers Masters & Ph.D. Programme in entomology which strictly adhere the guidelines of the University and ICAR The Department of Entomology plays a vital role in research, education, and outreach related to insects and their impact on agriculture, ecology, and beyond.

Education and Training: Departments of Entomology offering undergraduate, post graduate and PhD. degree programs in entomology. These programs provide students with a strong foundation in insect biology, ecology, and management, as well as practical skills in research methods, insect identification, and pest management techniques.

Research Excellence: The department is involved in cutting-edge research on various aspects of entomology, including insect behavior, ecology, physiology, genetics, and management. Research projects are focuses on understanding insect-plant interactions, insect biodiversity, insect pest management, nutritional entomology and the development of sustainable agricultural practices.

Extension and outreach: The department of entomology are actively engaged in extension and outreach activities, providing information and resources to farmers, gardeners, pest management professionals, and the general public. Extension programs include workshops, field visits, publications, and online resources aimed at promoting sustainable pest management practices and insect conservation efforts.

Collaborative Partnerships: The department of entomology collaborates with other academic departments, government agencies, non-profit organizations, industry partners, and international institutions to address complex entomological challenges.


Aims and Objective:

The department of entomology is committed to attain excellence in teaching, research and extension in plant protection by providing quality education, undertaking basic, applied and adaptive research to evolve suitable ecofriendly cost-effective agricultural crop protection technologies in Arunachal Pradesh.

The postgraduate students are trained in economic entomology, biocontrol, host plant resistance, insect ecology, insect toxicology, insect physiology, insect taxonomy. Traditional strengths of research in the department had been in economic entomology, toxicology and apiculture. At present emphasis is on synthesizing IPM modules for different crops involving bio- agents, cultural practices, host plant resistance and ecofriendly chemicals. The major objectives under the department are as follows:

  • Facilitate ambient environment for ameliorate learning
  • Produce globally competitive students in agricultural entomology
  • Promote research on frontier areas of agricultural entomology for developing innovative and eco-friendly pest management techniques
  • Collaboration with National and International Institutes to reach global excellence.
  • Promoting entrepreneurial skills of entomology students.
  • Well-equipped experiential learning units (ELP) for the last semester students of the department help to produce job providing, rather than job seeking, graduates.


Thrust areas of research in the Department

  • Explore new frontiers of crop protection
  • Develop human resources to provide the leadership in crop protection technology
  • Promote indigenous and traditional crop protection technology
  • Conservation of natural enemies in agro-ecosystem
  • Nutritional entomology


Programme offer presently

M.Sc. (Entomology)

Ph.D. (Entomology)


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Dr. Bhabesh Deka
Associate Professor

Specialisation: Entomology

Dr. Saxena Raviprakash Narayan
Assistant Professor

Specialisation: Integrated Pest Management & Insecticide Toxicology

Ms. Punam Bagang
Assistant Professor

Specialisation: Agricultural Entomology



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