University Counseling Service Center

Our Counseling Expert

Dr. Dharmeshwari Lourembam

Contact No. :-8794302401,

Time 1-2pm

Dr. Kakali Goswami

Contact No.:- 8876942391

Time:- 2-3pm

Dr. Sandeep Panchal

Contact No.:- 9467025239

Time:- 4-6pm

Leeyir Ete

Contact No. :-9366485732

Time 11-12pm

Jomyir Bagra

Contact No.:-8413996561

Time:- 12-1pm

Yuma Narah

Contact No.:-8837321508

Time:- 3-4pm

Oyin Mibang

Contact No. :-9366492693

Time 9-11am

Services Covers

  • Fear related to Covid-19 and Uncertainty
  • Anxiety and Stress Management
  • Academic and Exam related Stress
  • Mental Health related Issues, Suicidal thoughts, Negative Affects, Depression etc.
  • Positive Thinking, Happiness, Optimism, Motivation, Building Positive Attitude, New Habit Formation.
  • Study Habit, Issue related to Learning process.
  • Mental health Issue related to adolescents, youth and adults.
  • Marital issues of working professionals