As per the statutes of the University, Rajiv Gandhi University Employees’ Association (RGUEA) is one of the recognized service associations of Rajiv Gandhi University. The Association “RGUEA” (erstwhile, AUEA) was established in the year 12 December, 1991. It stands for the welfare of Non-Teaching Employees of the University. The general domain of its works extends to administrative, service matters and other welfare measures of the employees.

RGUEA is presently affiliated to various National and Regional associations/Federations having the common interest viz. AIUEC and NECUEF etc. The members of RGUEA actively participate in various activities i.e. Conferences, Meeting, seminar, sports etc. inside and outside the state organized from time to time by affiliating bodies.

As per the last General Election held on 10.08.2018, following officials have been elected as Office Bearers of Rajiv Gandhi University Employees Association (RGUEA) for a term of 3 years w.e.f 24th August, 2018:



As per the provision of the constitution of RGUEA, following members are the executive body of RGUEA for the Period 2018-2021:

Position Name


Mr. Solung Sonam
Vice President (Protocol) Mr. Takhe Tako
Vice President (Administration) Mr. Gomar Basar
General Secretary Mr. Biro Taba
Assistant General Secretary Mr. Myoro Gyadi
Finance Secretary Ms. Reena Nabam
Secretary, Info. & Publicity Mr.Like Geyi
Assistant Secy., Info. & Publicity Ms. Techi Yalam
Secretary, Social Service
Assistant Secy., Social Service Mr. Jumli Kato
Games and Sports Secretary Mr. Toko Lel
Assistant  Secy., Games & Sports Mr. Rajesh Prasad
Secretary, Cultural Affairs Mr. Tacha Ningee
Assistant Secy., Cultural Affairs Mr. Moge Riba
Chief Auditor Mr. Narang B. Sha
Co-Auditor Mr. S K Sur
Co-Auditor Ms. Oriental Taggu
Co-Auditor Mr. Koj Grayu
President, Womens’ Wing Ms. Gumpi Nguso
Secretary, Womens’ Wing Ms. Nangram Yaper
Spokesperson Mr. Harih Nabam

 Principal Advisor : Dr. N. T Jose

Advisor (Govt. Rules & Policies): Mr. Kurian Thomas

Advisor (legal): Mr. T. Ningee