Executive Body for the Period 2022-2023:

Position Name
President Mr. Hillang  Sam
Vice President (Protocol) Mr. Jumken Ete
Vice President (Admin) Mr. Taro Bakar
General Secretary  Mr. Tenzing Tamut
Asst.General Secretary (Protocol) Mr. Anje Riang
Asst.General Secretary (Admin) Mr. Apotso Chikro
Convenor Mr. Yangda Tate
Finance Secretary Mr. Sony Binggep
Secretary Games and Sports Mr. Mater Baja
Secretary Art & Cultural  Affairs Mr. Kamrik Taba
Secretary Academic Affairs  Mr. Hibung Eya
Secretary Social & Logistic Mr. Techi Larku
Secretary IPR & Media Mr. Taku Kodo
Secretary Health Affairs Mr. Daniel Kino
Chief Auditor Mr. Tarh Kecha
Editor Mr. Tarak Hari
Office Secretary Mr. Giogi Tani
 Spokesperson Mr. Tarh Tayo
Debate, Symposium & Seminar Secretary Mr. Biki Tahar
Co-Convener Mr. Nabam Tai Hina
Assistant Finance Secretary Mr. Nikhil Nyonkar
Assistant Games & Secretary Mr. Toko Rebia
Assistant Secretary Art & Cultural  Affairs Mr. Phupang Wangpan
Assistant Secretary Academic Affairs Mr. Vijay Loda
Assistant Secretary Social & Logistic Mr. Charu Mazza
Assistant IPR & Media Mr. Lopoli Melo
Assistant Health Affair Mr. Saju Yame
Auditor Mr. Lobsang Zimba
Co-Editor Mr. Wangtul Ronrang
Assistant Office Secretary Mr. Budhi Byai
Dy. Spokesperson Mr. Taba Tapo
Debate, Symposium & Seminar Secretary Mr. Satto Sidasow


Women Cell

Position Name
President Miss. Bamang Meha
Vice -President  Miss Margang Mary
General Secretary Miss Dindo Chumna
Assistant General Secretary Miss Merry Gamno
Convener Miss Bom Nguba
Speaker Miss Nayak Marok
Dy. Speaker Miss Make Godak


Position Name
Chief Advisor Mr.Giogi Aja


Position Name
Advisory Board
  1. Mr.Prem Taba
  2. Mr. Godak Karu
  3. Mr. Techi Sissal


Oath Taking-Cum-Induction Ceremony 2022 (Dated:28-09-2022)         

The new RGUSU team for the session 2022-23 was given a grand Oath taking ceremony at the RGU Convention Hall in presence of all the University fraternities, Prof. Amitava  Mitra( Pro- vice chancellor), Prof. N.T Rikam (Registrar), faculties, Deans of faculties, employees, students, Research Scholars and other distinguished guest who are also the prominent Students leaders of the State. The ceremony was graced by State Assembly representative and Prominent leader of AAPSU, Shri  Bamang Felix, Minister Home & ISBA, Panchayat Raj, RD and Parliamentary affairs as Chief Guest, Shri Hayeng Mangfi, MLA 9th Chayang Tajo A/C as Guest of Honour, Shri Tana Dozi Tara President AAPSU as special invitees and Shri Nabam Gandhi Vice-president Protocol AAPSU as special invitees.  The new team of RGUSU was given the Oath of Office by  Dean Students Welfare. The newly elected president of the RGUSU Mr. Hillang Sam gave the presidential speech in which he spoke on various subjects concerning the University. He promised that his team will work for the interest of the University and will be the voice of the masses. He assured that his team will always be approachable for the common students and will put all efforts to address the grievances of the students by taking the matters to the authority concern and at the same time the president also requested the students present to support his team so that his team can be stronger and highly spirited. The new president also promised to voice against all social issues and other subjects like state issues and national issues