Executive Body for the Period 2018-2019:

Position Name
President Mr. Dopum Sonam
Vice President
General Secretary Mr. Kumar Rai
Asst.General Secretary
Secretary Financial Affairs
Secretary Games and Sports
Secretary Cultural Affairs
Secretary Academic Affairs
Secretary Social & Logistic
Secretary IPR & Media
Secretary Health Affairs
 Secretary Women Affairs
Chief Auditor
Office Secretary
Dy. Spokesperson
Jt. Secretary Financial Affairs
Jt. Secretary Games & Sports
Jt. Secretary Cultural Affairs
Jt. Secretary Academic Affairs
Jt. Secretary Social & Logistic
Jt. Secretary IPR & Media
Jt. Secretary Health Affairs
Jt. Office Secretary


Oath Taking-Cum-Induction Ceremony 2018   (Dated:30-09-2018)        

The new RGUSU team for the session 2018-19 was given a grand Oath taking ceremony at the RGU main Auditorium in presence of all the University fraternities, Prof.Tomo Riba (Registrar), faculties, Deans of faculties, employees, students, Research Scholars and other distinguished guest who are also the prominent Students leaders of the State and the Region like AAPSU and NESO.

The new team of RGUSU was given the Oath of Office by Prof. Kesang Degi (Dean Students Welfare) . The newly elected president of the RGUSU Mr. Dopum  Sonam gave the presidential speech in which he spoke on various subjects concerning the University. He promised that his team will work for the interest of the University and will be the voice of the masses. He assured that his team will always be approachable for the common students and will put all efforts to address the grievances of the students by taking the matters to the authority concern and at the same time the president also requested the students present to support his team so that his team can be stronger and highly spirited. The new president also promised to voice against all social issues and other subjects like state issues and national issues.


RGUSU Submits Mission Statement to the Vice Chancellor (Prof. Saket Kushwaha)
President and General Secretary RGUSU along with their team met and submitted Mission Statement of the new RGUSU team to Vice Chancellor in presence of Registrar. The Mission Statement cum objectives of the new team on which they will give emphasis during their tenure are mentioned below:

I.    Land Encroachment

II.   Maintenance of infrastructure such as, Road inside the Campus, Old buildings i.e MSW and Geography                           department buildings.

III. Low standard infrastructure 

IV. New hostel buildings for both boys and girls

V. Scarcity of water

VI. Black topping of approach road towards the B.P.Ed. Hostel

VII. Unsable toilets and lack of potable water at various department

VIII. Old Aged Buses and their routes

IX. Destine parking places

X. High Mast lights around the playgrounds.

XI. Street lights.

XII. Construction of Rostrum at football ground

XIII.Campus security Issue’s (installation of more CCTV’s with high quality ones)

XIV. Campus beautification

XV. Separete basketball Courts for girls

XVI. New Independent office for D.S.W

XVII.Renovation of RGUSU Office

XVIII. Including of students representative at academic council and building construction committee

XIX. Stadium gallery at the General Ground

XX. Timely declaration of exam Results