Departmental Study Tour – 2019


Research Scholars – Department of Physics

The department of physics has undergone the study tour under the supervision of Professor Sanjeev Kumar, Head cum Escort and wasorganized from 9th March 2019 to 12th March 2019, the destination was Mumbai.

Dept. had a tour of the science centre that portrays various section of basic and life science and its evolution with models.

Visited Mumbai University. In the university we visited CEBS(Centre of Excellence in Basic Science). we have been to nuclear physics lab, where scholars explained some of their undergoing work. We also visited the graduate lab where we were involved in carrying out some scientific tricks and experiments interacting with some of the professors there.

Dept. visited TIFR (Tata Institute o Fundamental Research). There,scholars demonstrated some of their experimental set up and their undergoing works in nanoscience and molecular dynamics lab. Followed by it, we got to see some experiments of liquid nitrogen and its possible uses.

The tour was an informative one which gives an idea of the qualitative research work and practice carried out in the respective institutes. It also was an exposure for we students to think of opportunities of further studies, research work outside the state.