Dr. Arnab Ghosh

Assistant Professor

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Department of Zoology

Email:  arnab.ghosh@rgu.ac.in
Fax: 9064847741
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  • India
  • Category: General
  • About:Molecular Biologist with over 6 years of post-doctoral research experience in an academic setting, managing multiple research projects in the area of ECM-associated protein biology.Background in cancer signaling and extracellular matrix-associated proteins synthesis,trafficking, and associated with cancer signaling.Expertise in animal models, handling, management, and experimental procedures.Experienced in working with several cancer models, including cervical cancer, pancreatic cancer, breastcancer, oral cancer, and genetically modified mouse models of cancer.A strong believer in teamwork. Experienced in managing deadline-based project executions, projecthandling, managing and coordinating a team of doctors, chemists and engineers, and statisticians.
  • Area of Interest:ECM biology and disease association, Biomarker discovery, EVs research, Breast and Pancreatic cancer research, Drug resistance, and Drug discovery.
  • Arunachal Pradesh
  • Pin Code: 791112
  • Date of Superannuation:
  • Experience: 6 years  (Research)
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