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S J Singh

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The two volumes of HIV-AIDS in Manipur-An Anthropological Perspective attempts to discern different problems and prospects of one of the most HIV-AIDS affected and infected state of India, Manipur. The geo-political location of Moreh town in Manipur near the Myanmar border and very close location of it to golden triangle, the hub of drug manufacturing and drug smuggling compelled to play negative role of increasing drug addicts and hence HIV infected youth through needle sharing. Added salt to the injury, flesh trade in porous border areas has tremendously hiked up HIV infection through unprotected sex. From few infected drug addicts and infected commercial sex workers, it spread to common people. The frequency of affected and infected people thus increased up leaps and bound. Different strategies to encounter the virus invading in society have been designed and devised. The different case study, models of prevention and protection shall throw light on emerging issues and such exercise shall render tremendous benefit to students, scholars, academicians, health planners and administrators.

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