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Dr. Abdul Batin

Scope of Book

The book is devoted to the mathematical investigations of different flow problems related to steady / unsteady, free convective, hydrodynamic and magnetohydrodynamic flows through porous and non-porous medium in non-rotating and rotating systems with different applications in many branches of solar power technologies, nuclear power plants, MHD generators and accelerators in geophysics, space vehicle reentry, polymer production, food processing and manufacturing of ceramics or glassware etc.

Details about Book

This book entitled “Analytical / Numerical study of Magnetohydrodynamic Flows in Porous Media” is followed by a presentation of an intuitive systematic problem-solving technique that can be used as a model in solving engineering problems. A distinctive feature of this book is its emphasis on the physical aspects of the subject matter in addition to mathematical representations and manipulations. The authors believe that the emphasis in research level should remain on developing a sense of underlying physical mechanisms and a mastery of solving practical problems that an academicians. Engineers.  The authors have found differential equations to be a never ending source of interesting and sometimes surprising, results and phenomena. We hope that users of this book, both scholars and Academicians, will share our enthusiasm for the subject. It is hope that mathematical solutions obtained in this book contribute not only to be better understanding of the problems they deal with, but also find significant application in many engineering, industrial and environment process and the acquired knowledge in this book can be used by designers to control MHD flow.

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