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N Achoubi Devi

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Chapter Published in Book “Health and Illness: An Anthropological Exploration“.

Health and Illness: An Anthropological Exploration is based on the concept that health and illness are component of a large society, experimental and explanatory complex. It draws on the ethnographic literature to illustrate the chemistry that defined and address health and illness. This book brings into light how it is defined and experienced in social and cultural context and indigenous explanation for the etiology of illness. The social and cultural dynamics of diagnosis and treatment of illness is also another important aspect of this book. The whole is a pedagogic exercise to identify health and illness from anthropology perspective and how Anthropology can help us in understanding the issues related with health, illness and health care.

Details about Book

Publisher : Akansha Publishing House, New Delhi

ISBN : 978-81-8370-473-1

Year of Publication : 2016

Editor: MC ArunKumar, TJ Chanu and P Krishnakumari

Cost: Rs. 1295/-

Page: 217

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