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Chapter Published in Book “Social Ruminations on Health: A Critical Spectrum“.

“Social Ruminations on Health: A Critical Spectrum” is an outcome of the effort of academicians, research scholars, NGO activists who ruminated on changing dimension of health and presented form a different perspectives like Social Perspective, Environmental Perspective, Economic Perspective, which further explored traditional understandings and practices about health, risk factors associated to health, sufferings of persons with mental illness. The authors alongside discussed the positive aspects that ensure better health citing the example of Government’s Initiative, Non-Government Organisations’ Initiatives and the Initiatives of Insurance Sector in the bouquet of sixteen authored papers. This edited book is expected to be of valuable use to students, scholars, social workers, Health workers, NGO activists, academician and those who keeps interest in the similar field.

Details about Book

Publisher : Renu Publishers, New Delhi

ISBN : 978-93-85502-47-7

Year of Publication : 2018

Editor: Aditi Nath, Kamei Beeju, Ankur Saxena

Cost: Rs. 450/-

Pages: 120

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