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Chapter Published in Book “Anthropology in Northeast India“.

The inspiring collection of research articles accommodated in the present compilation includes eighteen contributions by eminent anthropologists focusing on various contemporary concerns relating to the status of women, gender and ethnicity, identity dynamics, cultural heritages, ethnoarchaeological aspects, the impact of Christianity, traditional village institutions, elderly health care perceptions, changes in tribal folklore, altitudinal stress among varied ethnic inhabitants of North East India. The volume covers an extensive canvass bringing together empirical research works and pinpoints the reality of the lifestyle of the people and is expected to grasp attention from a wide range of related academic disciplines and would provide information and inspiring thoughts to the academicians, researchers, administrators, policymakers and planners’ about the region.

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Publisher : Gyan Publishing, New Delhi

ISBN : 9788121214247

Year of Publication : 2018

Editor: Sarthak Sengupta

Cost: Rs.990./-

Page: 288

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