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Chapter Published in Book “Indigenous Health Practices Among the People of North East India“.

The impressive collection of papers accommodated in this volume offers a snapshot only through nineteen research contributions covering different issues related to indigenous health practices from different ethnic groups of North East India. The topics covered in the present treatise include indigenous notions of health care, healer and healing practices; ethno medicinal, ethno-botanical and ethnozoological knowledge; child-rearing and pregnancy care practices etc., prevailed in North East India. The compilation would provide a better understanding towards the key determinants of the health and wellbeing of the indigenous people in the context of public health. The book will be of extremely stimulus and serve as useful reference material for researchers, policy makers, and consultants in the field of health studies.

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Publisher : Gyan Publishing, New Delhi

ISBN : 9789351282433

Year of Publication : 2018

Editor: Sarthak Sengupta

Cost: Rs 790./-

Page: 227


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