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Chapter Published in Book “Folklores and its relevance in North East India“.

The book Folklore and its contemporary relevance in North East India is a collection of essays consists of folk or oral literature, material culture, social folk custom, performing folk arts, etc. of the societies in North-East India which have inherited rich folk tradition with its various ethnic groups dwelling both in the hills and plain areas of the region. It has rich oral literature, folk or oral narrative, myth, legend, folktale, folk or oral poetry, folk epic, ballet, folk songs, proverbs, riddles, chants, prayers, laments, cries and hollers. Therefore, discussing problems prevalent in the past within varied communities may show us the way ahead today. The book may perhaps offer solution in not only understanding the people of the North-East but also making others know them better. The book consisting of essays on Myth, Legend, Fairytale, Folktale, Oral Poetry of North-East people i.e. Folk epic, Ballet, Folk song, Ritual Song, Proverbs, Riddle, Chants, Laments of many community living in North-East India.

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Publisher : Rajash Publication, New Delhi

ISBN : 978-93-83684-17-5


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